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Standard Warranty
Warranty begins from the date of invoice, NOT installation date.
Deposits void after 30-days.
Core must be returned within 30-days. All cores become the property of Swift’s Trails End Auto Recycling.
Parts ordered in must be returned within 30-days to receive credit. Special shipping charges are not refundable.
Any part is sold “AS IS” is not returnable for credit or refund.
A minimum of 25% restocking charge MAY apply to any returned parts.
Non-Defective parts returned “not needed” MAY be subject to a shipping and handling charge.

LIMITED WARRANTY: Swift’s Trails End Auto Recycling warrants from purchase date all parts for 90-days unless otherwise specified. Warranty VOID if parts are altered, disassembled or overheated. Labor NOT warranted in event of defect, promptly notify Swift’s Trail’s End Auto and at their discretion option a refund or within a reasonable time replace part. IMPLIED WARRANTED ARE LIMITED TO THE SAME DAYS AS LIMITED WRITTEN WARRANTY. Swift’s Trails End Auto Recycling SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO LABOR, INSTALLATION, REMOVAL OR USE OF THIS MERCHANDISE. This warranty gives you legal rights, you may have other rights which vary from state to state.

EXTENDED REPLACEMENT WARRANTY AND LABOR COVERAGE WARRANTY: MUST BE PURCHASED SEPARATELY. Thank you for choosing Swift’s Trails End Auto Recycling to purchase your recycled auto or truck part. As an independent automotive recycler, we greatly appreciate the confidence you have placed in us with your decision to purchase from us. To further serve your needs, we have developed an extended warranty plan to enhance the value or your purchase and to shield you from the expense that could incur should this part fail. Please consider carefully your options in choosing the warranty that best suits your needs.

All parts purchased from Swift’s Trails End Auto Recycling come with a standard 90-day warranty unless otherwise noted on your invoice. Unless specifically noted on the front of your invoice, this is the only warranty on your purchased part. Please read the conditions of this warranty under “Standard Warranty” and “Limited Warranty”.

  • Warranty begins from the original date of purchase, not at the date of installation and not as an additional to the standard warranty.
  • Labor warranties may only be purchased and are only valid if an approved ASE certified shop installs the part.
  • Labor warranties may only be purchased at the time of the part purchase.
  • Labor claims will be paid based on the Chilton Labor Guide at a rate of $45/hour up to the amount of labor coverage purchased.
  • Labor claims are covered only to the amount and duration of the coverage purchased. Multiple clains against the same part are capped by the amount of coverage-purchased, regardless of incidence of part issue.
  • Warranty claims must be approved before any work is done.
  • Swift’s Trails End Auto Recycling reserves the right to have labor performed at a facility of its choice.
  • Swift’s Trails End Auto Recycling reserves the right to repair, replace or refund the purchase price of any part sold under the Standard or Extended warranties.
  • Warranty is void if part sold is used for off-road, racing or commercial use.
  • No reimbursement will be made for expenses incurred due to the use of failure of the purchased part, including but not limited to towing, lost wages or income, lost time or inconvenience.
  • Gasket, fluids, seals, filters or other materials are not warranted.
  • Warranty claims will be paid only upon the receipt of all receipts for work performed.
  • It is the purchasers responsibility to retain original invoice and present it for a claim.
  • Warranty is for original purchaser only, and is not transferable, except when purchased by a dealer for install into a customer’s vehicle, in which case it is valid for that customer only.
  • Extended Warranties and Labor Coverage are NOT refundable unless, within the standard warranty period, the purchased part is returned.
  • Declining purchase or failure to purchase labor warranty releases Swift’s Trails End Auto Recycling from all claims.
  • Purchase of an extended warranty does not entitle the purchaser to return the part deemed “not needed” or “incorrect” beyond the standard 90-day warranty.
  • Swift’s Trails End Auto Recycling reserves the right to suspend, modify or discontinue any or all parts of the Extended Warranty and Labor Coverage program with notice.